First Estrella Trip

So my fathers best friend from childhood came to stay with us over the holidays this year. He had spent lots of time in airplanes, but never in a glider, so of course he had to go for a glider ride.

so we went to estralla sailport, our glider field about an hour from our house. its where our family glider also lives.

anyways,lets get into it

the plane sitting waiting to take off before my dad

previous plane taking off

my dad and butch


off they go

the towplane returning

coming in for a landing

and successful flight

one of the high performance fiberglass gliders

HDR of glider sitting on the tarmac

5 thoughts on “First Estrella Trip

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I bet you loved every minute of it. What a wonderful thing to do–get in touch with your friend after so many years.

  2. Kyle,

    To hell with the rocking chair. I predict that you will never grow old and will sail through retirement and “old age” having the time of your life. The decision to buy that boat and live your dream has certainly paid off. Here’s to living your dream and enjoying friendships old and new!

  3. Wow, Kyle. You are the poster child of how to live life after retirement! These pictures are awesome. Glad you got to see some desert, after being on water for awhile. Good going!! Always good to hear from my cuz, and his awesome life!!

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