a little more food in israel


so, im pretty much up to date after that massive post the other day, but i forgot one other epic food adventure. we were on the hunt for Shakshouka and did not know of any place close to us. so we got a recommendation to go eat at this place called niso. its Mediterranean food, and we were starving by the time we got there for a late lunch, around 2. so, we got in there and our eyes were like saucers, everything looked amazing, so, we took one of everything to try. boy ohh boy.

a very inconspicuous little shop

i dont even know what to call all these things.
stuffed this and that, with tasty stuff

more stuffed stuff

rice with okra

some tasty dolomades and fried thingys

i was helped galliantly to help finish it all, but the lions share was left to me. needless to say, we did not eat another bite the whole day.

we did not only go for food, there was also a nice little market around, so we went to buy some dates and other stuff for the holiday
the spices in these places are always amazing. i should bring a tripod once and do an HDR of these

i liked these pigions

and we finished with getting some olives

then we went to a liquor store to get some wine, and to see if they had good beer by my standards. ill probably take some pictures of them tonight to review them. well, this was outside the store. i thought it was pretty funny

and, lastly, ill leave you with a HDR from outside noa’s grandmothers apartment window of Tel Aviv

I alluded at some epic things, and they are yet to come. but its the calm before the storm this morning, and im getting this blogging done before things get hectic here. so if i have more time, ill prepare the post, but not put it up till tomorrow. either way, there is a lot more to come.

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