Ginger – Sept 2007 – Oct 27, 2014

Ginger passed away this morning. she had been slowing down the last month, but was still quite her rambunctious self for a little while during playtime. and she was just full of energy on saturday. but then yesterday she wouldn’t move, and noa took her to the vet, who said it could be some sort of over insulin producing disease, or not. She is just plain old for a ferret. and then last night she just laid there and whimpered in her sleep, and thats when we made the discussion to put her down. she couldn’t even get up to eat or drink, she was so weak.

Noa just told me her friend Mel said she learned the important life lesson to never put your feet on the ground when your sitting on a couch. I think we could add to that, don’t wear socks in the house. or watch out where your stepping. all these relate to “there might be a ferret lurking about to strike at an opportune time.”


Honestly, i feel like we have always had ferrets. but looking back on my blog, we got them dec 1, 2007. I distinctly remember telling my boss that i need to ask for the day off, because I’m driving to seattle, to go pick up our ferrets. reading about it now, brings back all the memories of the day, but ill never forget pulling those two little ferocious fur balls made of teeth and claws, and feeding them arby’s at some exit along the I-5. in fact you can read about it here if you wish.

i think this passage taken from that blog post sums up our early experience with ginger quite well

the sable is really calm and relaxed, which is nice. but that chocolate, is really dangerous! she drew blood about 6 times tonight.

Yogurt apparently was the docile one, and ginger the ferocious killer. well as everyone who had been over to our house knew you had to tread careful around her. but she really mellowed out in her old age, and the last year she has not been as lethal at all. and on top of it, she’s probably one of the best travelled ferrets ever. I mean, born in North Carolina, lived her majority of her life in vancouver, and then finished her retirement years in sunny Israel. Quite the life.

Having a ferret has been the perfect pet for our lifestyle the last 7 years. we had an energetic carpet shark running around twice a day, but she slept for those 20 hours a day too, and was ideal in our apartment. I know ferrets are not the most loving animals, but we had so much fun together. playing hide and seek, ferret bowling, hiding socks, bitting unsuspecting feet, the list just goes on. and when we would go away and come back, she would always be super happy to come out and play with us.


We could not of asked for a better ferret.

All i know is that ginger is with her sister now, in a huge field filled with socks to move around, and couches to lurk under.

I for one will always have a ferret sized hole in my heart.

we will miss you ginger.

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  1. I’m so so sad about this (still). What a funny, dangerous, lovely little creature she was. And what a wonderful tribute to her. Oodles of love to you guys.

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