My last photo challenge for the group was “Reflection”. instead of taking it literally, i wanted to try something different that i haven’t tried before. so, i set up a flash with a snoot, set the camera to “dramatic mode”, and had noa press the shutter. I’m pretty happy with the results. [flickr id=”6876891854″ thumbnail=”large” overlay=”false” size=”large” group=”” align=”none”]

Moonshine Express at the Little Mountain Gallery

There was another epic Moonshine express show at the little mountain gallery. on tap was Heppelion beer, and went over very well. theres a bunch of pics, and a time lapse to boot. first the time lapse [youtube][/youtube] so, the night started off with rafer! dancin what are we looking at? trumpet! gogimus prime in full force as always, theres a whole bunch more on the flickr page, go check it out!