well, it’s been a while since the last post. And I’m behind on a lot of adventures, but there’s no time like the present. (And having to wait 45min for a bus).

We left tel aviv this morning after dropping mango off at her puppy hotel.  The flight left at 10:30, and it was a quick one and a half hours to istanbul’s southern airport. Our final destination is Ƨanakkale, which is on the Asia side, along the north eastern coastline. 

The purpose of our trip is to visit our good friends Will and Claire and their new baby girl. But I digress. 

We landed at the airport, and our connection to the next flight was to be 6 hours later. I had done a little research before hand but we had read that it’s not simple to leave the southern airport in Istanbul and to get to the city. Furthermore when we landed there were no lockers in sight to leave our things, so we went to the closest restaurant and sat down for the long wait.  

We had known that from our next destination, Edremit  we would then have to take a bus as our final destination is 2h north of there by car. What we did not realize is that it would be an hour wait at the bus stop, a 3h bus ride and we would arrive at our final destination at 1am!!  As noa said, this is the longest we have ever travelled for such a short distance!! (We would have arrived in Vancouver by this time)

Both Noa and I have been working non stop for the last few weeks, and this trip was a last minute decision and neither of us spent much time properly planning it. I guess that is what you get. Ohh, another fun fact we found out while standing in line in tel aviv is that since 2013 Turkey requires all tourists to have a visa!  And for Canadians it’s 70 bucks if you forget to order it ahead of time online!! (The poor planning biting us again)

Anyways, a beer, a nap, and lots of reading later we are standing in line to board our plane. As it was a domestic flight, we were at one of those ground floor, take a bus situation, standing in a huge line right at the stated boarding time, when the gate is changed, and all of a sudden everyone rushes to another gate.

The a few people start yelling at the poor employees who are trying to let us board. Noa and I had a fun time making up what they were yelling about. If this had been the U.S. I’m sure the people would have been kicked off the flight. 

We board, and 40min later land at a cute little airport where we walk across the Tarmac to the terminal. 

A quick taxi ride to the bus terminal, and here in sitting sipping some cute tea and writing a blog post for the first time in a while on my iPhone. 

We will be happy to arrive for sure, and look forward to getting to experience some of turkey for the first time for both of us. We fly back Sunday. 

Ohh, it’s rainy and cold when we arrived. Wtf.

There should be more to come..