Movember 2011

So, i have decided to join the movember movement this year. check out my page at Ill be looking for donations to help raise awareness about mens health and prostate cancer! ill chronicle my adventure here on the blog, and on my mobro page. i guess we will see how good of a moustache i can grow in a month! Please check out the page, and consider donating. Thanks!

Steve Jobs

August 4, 2005, my journey with apple began. I didn’t know it. all i knew was that the pc laptop i had bought a few months ago had a faulty CD rom, and i got so disgruntled with Futureshop where i bought it that i returned it and used the money to buy my first apple Powerbook. It was the 12in one, and i was getting it second hand from someone who needed a PC to run software that was not available for the Mac.…