Chantal’s Birthday

I had the chance to shoot a few pictures of lucky’s niece chantal a few weekends ago. first time we have been to a young kids birthday party, pretty crazy! anyways, a lot of fun, and i got some pictures i was pretty happy with. blowing out the candles hangin out i just really liked this picture i was super impressed

Junkyard Wars Vancouver: Pumpkin Launcher

So i was invited out to watch the junkyard wars competition that dave goosen was in this weekend, and took some photos while i was there. even managed to snap an HDR or two. Here was the one designed by dave’s team. the crossbow team and the trebuchet the pumpkins waitining around in horror to be launched i think this is my favorite by far. you can see the scared face as it goes! if you zoom in on the higher rez picture you can…