the internet here

i would rate internet access as one of those basic human needs.  sure, its nice to disconnect, and not have to be checking your phone or email every 5 min, but when you need to use the internet, you want it to be fast.

i think i got extremely spoiled in vancouver.  we had 100Mbps down, and about 5 up.  this was fantastic, as you never feel like your waiting for a webpage to load, and i was even able to backup roughly 200GB’s of data online over a month or so.

The first few days i got here i was trying to fix my blog, and well, that requires a lot of downloading and uploading of files.  i think i could of gotten old just waiting for all that to happen.  i had to be a little more conscious of what files i was throwing around.  it didnt bother noa in the least bit, and of course, i didnt make a peep about how horrible it was.  HAHAH.  ya right.  i complained bitterly.

so finally a few days ago noa called and asked how much it was to upgrade the internet.  apparently we had 5 Mbps down, and we were able to TRIPEL that to 15.  what a deal.  she asked them to go ahead, and an hour later we rebooted the ADSL model and now im not wasting my life away waiting for webpages to load.  some webpages at least.   yay for first world problems.

The total cost for that upgrade?  20 sheckels a month.

best 5 dollars ive ever spent.