More Plants

Lets see, whats happening on the gardening front. i feel like i haven’t posted anything in a while.

First off, noa is gone for a few weeks, so i took the opportunity to add a few more grow lights to give the seedlings a head start while its still frosty out.

the basil looking good

tomato trees

the new temporary set up

the office

rhea’s seedlings are doing well

cute purple basil coming up

look at those peppers and arugala!

Ohh, and then i finally finished a project i was working on at the Heppler hotel.
here is the first bed i did a few weeks ago

and here is the big one i just finished during this week! transplanted 25 garlic/onion mix (we dont know what is what for sure) and its big enough to put a lot more in it once it gets warm enough

thats it for now, but i have one more exciting post about tea coming up!

2 thoughts on “More Plants

  1. So…we’ve got all new housemates here and the upstairs ones are into gardening. They talked to our landlord, who gave the ok to garden as much as we want….this means that we’re plotting to cut a huge chunk out of our front lawn and turn it into a vegetable garden!! WOOOOO!

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