passion fruits are here

So, one of the first things i had to do when i got to israel is to check my passion fruit bushes. I helped plant one of them last year when i was here, so that they would pollinate and we would get fruits.

wow, what a year has supplied. they were left untended for 2 months, and there were hundreds of passionfruits laying around on the ground. i would say about 25% of them were perhaps still good, so noa took the fruit out of the shells and froze it, and saved the rest for me to eat.

and the other side

it really is a big plant. the isreali climate is pretty much ideal for them.

noa when we started collecting them

noa and orit

and the fruits of our labor…. ha

they are sooooo tasty.

i left a bunch still out there, im going to try to collect some more one more time.

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  1. I think we should attempt to set up a small Israeli microclimate in my backyard, so that we can grow these delicious fruits. Seriously. Think about it.

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