More Plants

Lets see, whats happening on the gardening front. i feel like i haven’t posted anything in a while. First off, noa is gone for a few weeks, so i took the opportunity to add a few more grow lights to give the seedlings a head start while its still frosty out. the basil looking good tomato trees the new temporary set up the office rhea’s seedlings are doing well cute purple basil coming up look at those peppers and arugala! Ohh, and then i finally…

Mid March Vancouver Weather Update

So, last week and the weekend was like this, pretty much a continuation of the wonderful spring weather we were having during the olympics. Those are from granville st, and kits beach. and what awaits us thursday morning? this. waiting for the bus and here is what i saw waiting for the bus. [youtube][/youtube] so, needless to say, im glad i pulled all my plants in this week, since there was a frost warning for the week.